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Media kit


❓ Why „Mali igrači“ („Little players“)?


Because we are the most reliable source of information regarding kids’ tennis in Serbia and in the region.


If you have products or services that you would like to offer to little tennis players, i.e. their parents – they are right here! Since the end of 2013 we have been following kids’ tennis tournaments, at first only in Serbia, and later in the other countries in the region (ex-Yugoslavia countries); we provide useful and entertaining content to kids, parents, coaches and clubs. So far, we have published over 2200 articles!


By advertising on our website, you are building brand awareness as a company that wants to support development of kids’ sports, that cares about healthy development of our kids, that encourages sportsmanship and fair play among kids.



❓ What do we offer?


Presence on our site in different ways:

* banners,

* classified ads,

* following and promoting activities of your club or your organization (tournaments, workshops, camps, interviews, etc.)

* ads in our biweekly newsletter

* content sharing on social networks, where we are very active (more than 2.050 Facebook followers; more than 800 Instagram followers; Twitter, Youtube)





❓ Who reads us?


Men and women (54% of women) aged 25-54 (with highest percentage in the 35-44 group), mostly from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. They are interested in tennis, tennis tournaments, kids’ sport, sport psychology, athletes’ nutrition.

We have huge growth in number of visits since 2015.

Exact statistics of website visits is available on request.





Price list





Banner type 3 days 7 days 15 days 1 month 3 months
Golden banner (header) 35 70
Right-hand side 20 45 120
Left-hand side 15 25 60
Little silver banner (down) 1/3 15 25 60
Medium silver banner (down) 2/3 20 35 70
Large silver banner (down, entire width) 30 45


* Prices in EUR, payment in EUR to company’s bank account

* PayPal payments are also accepted


Banner type:


  • Golden banner (header) – available only as a short term package with 3 or 7-day duration
  • Right-hand side – available in packages with 15 days, one month and three months duration
  • Left-hand side – available in packages with 15 days, one month and three months duration
  • Silver banner (down) – available in three sizes – 1/3, 2/3 and the entire width, located at the bottom of each news or profile article



Classified ads


Type 15 days 1 month 3 months 6 months
Standard 550,00 1.400,00 2.700,00
Highlighted 620,00 1.650,00
Golden 650,00 1.150,00


* Prices in RSD (1 EUR = 123 RSD), payment to company’s account or via PayPal


Type of classified ad:

  • Standard – available in one month, three months and six months packages, it is a common classified ad whose position or color can not be influenced
  • Highlighted – available in one month and three months packages, can be highlighted by color, but its position can not be influenced
  • Golden – available only in 15 and 30-day packages, highlighted by golden arrow in the upper left corner and is always the first ad shown in its respective category





If you have any special requests or ideas how to creatively shape your company’s presence on our website, we are willing to work out the details with you.


You can download our Media kit in PDF format here Mali igraci_Media kit_EN, and here you can download Mali igraci_price list_EN.


February 29, 2016


Nenad Bukarica

Website Editor





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