Anđela Skrobonja

Portrait of a little tennis player: Anđela Skrobonja

Andjela Skrobonja (born in 2001, playing for Spartak) won girls’ U-14 Summer Championship of Serbia, an A category tournament held at TK Spartak in Subotica!

For years, Andjela has been having great results at strongest national and international tournaments. To mention just few of them: semifinals of III Jovana Kukaras Memorial (thus repeating her result from last year’s II Jovana Kukaras Memorial), semifinals of Pancevo open 2015, finals of Montenegro cup 2014, semifinals of Dyadora Cup U12 in Romania in 2013…

As a member of Serbian national team, along with Olga Danilović and Mihaela Djaković, Andjela was representing our country in Tennis Europe Winter Cups by HEAD, unofficial indoor European Championship in U-14 category.

In Tennis Europe Junior Tour U-14 rankings, Andjela is currently in the 44th place.


Anđela Skrobonja, Ladislav Demeter, Letnje prvenstvo Srbije do 14 godina, TK Spartak Subotica
Anđela with her coach Ladislav Demeter

Znak pitanjaAndjela, we would like to congratulate you on your great results! What are your impressions after winning the Summer Championship of Serbia?

Thank you! I am very satisfied, because I managed to repeat my result from two years ago.


Anđela Skrobonja, Emilija Kojčić, Mihailo Popović, Kristian Juhas, Letnje prvenstvo Srbije do 14 godina, TK Spartak Subotica
Finalists Emilija Kojčić, Anđela Skrobonja, Mihailo Popović and Kristian Juhas


Znak pitanjaWhich achievements would you single out as the most important ones in your career so far?

The most important one was winning National U-12 championship. That was my breakthrough achievement.


Anđela Skrobonja, Mihailo Popović, Letnje prvenstvo Srbije do 14 godina, TK Spartak Subotica
With Mihailo Popović


Znak pitanjaWhen did you start practicing tennis, and who are your tennis idols?

I started practicing when I was seven. My idols were, and still are: Rafa, Nole and Federer.


Anđela Skrobonja, Draginja Vuković, Letnje prvenstvo Srbije do 14 godina, TK Spartak Subotica
With Draginja Vuković


Znak pitanjaCould you tell us more about your tennis club, your coach who deserves most credits for your success and your teammates with whom you most frequently practice?

I practice and play in Subotica for tennis club Spartak. My coach who taught me everything I know is Ladislav Demeter (Lacika), and I am very grateful to him. I do not have that many girlfriends, I hang out with boys more: Kristian Juhas, Miloš Vuković, Strahinja Radanović… It is my parents who are the most deserving ones for my success. THANK YOU 🙂


Znak pitanjaHow much do you work on conditioning with your coach, and how important is conditioning in tennis?

Conditioning is one of the most important factors in tennis. Lately, I neglected it a bit, but I will start working on it again.


Anđela Skrobonja, Milan Vučković, predsednik Teniskog kluba Spartak Subotica


Znak pitanjaWhat is the difference between national and international tournaments, and do you prepare yourself before tournaments in any special way?

I have a preparation period during which I prepare myself for tournaments. International tournaments are more difficult than national ones, and there are much more kids.


Anđela Skrobonja, Draginja Vuković, TK Spartak Subotica


Znak pitanjaWhat do you consider to be your biggest strength in tennis, and what would you change or improve in your game?

My biggest strength is my ability to adjust, and I need to improve the mental part.



Znak pitanjaWhat brand of rackets do you use?




Znak pitanjaDoes tennis leave you enough time for hanging out with your friends and/or for a hobby?

I spend time on court with my coach or with friends that I practice with. That is quite enough for me.



Znak pitanjaWhere do you see yourself in five-six years?

My goal is to win Australian Open, so I see myself there. THANK YOU FOR THE SONG!



And, in the end: we have a song for you, compliments from Mali igrači editorial team



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