Anđela Vidović, Čačak 2014 ETA

Portrait of a little tennis player: Anđela Vidović

Аnđela Vidović (playing for Spartak, born in 2002) won the SPENS Open, 3rd-caregory U-14 girls tournament, held from October 11 – 13 at TK Spens in Novi Sad. Besides, Anđela won the U-12 Summer Championship of Serbia, U-12 Winter Championship of Vojvodina, NESTLE ICECREAM SERBIA OPEN 2014 in Prokuplje


Anđela Vidović, Čačak 2014 ETA Детаљније Portrait of a little tennis player: Anđela Vidović


Znak pitanjaAnđela, which your achievements would you single out as the most important ones?

For me, my most important achievement was Winning the U-12 National Championship of Serbia. This helped me get selected to Serbian U-12 national team, so, as one of the best players for my age, I played for Serbia in China. We were present at the opening of China Open, along with Novak Đoković. Also, one of my better achievements was playing in the semifinals of ETA tournament in Čačak. This year, I won six 1st- and 2nd-category U-12 tournaments in a row, which was an excellent sequence for me.


Znak pitanjaWhen did you start practicing tennis and why did you choose an individual sport?

I started practicing tennis when I was 6 in tennis club „ŽAK“ in Sombor. I chose an individual sport because I like to influence the outcome of a match as much as possible, and you get that only in individual sports.


Anđela Vidović


Znak pitanjaCould you say something more about your coach and describe one of your practices?

For the last two years, my coach is Ladislav Demeter, and before him it was Danilo Šakić, both from tennis club „SPARTAK“. An usual tennis practice consists of a good warm-up and various exercises given by the coach. Those exercises are given based on what needs to be improved in my game. After working on technique, on which the emphasis is put, we play and keep score. This is the part that we all eagerly await, because we all want to prove that we are the best. At the end of the practice, I sometimes do rope jumping, but I always stretch.


Znak pitanjaDo you prepare yourself before tournaments in any special way?

I still do not have any special rituals before tournaments.

Regarding practicing, I reduce intensity of my practices in order to be fresh and rested for the tournament. I usually work on my shots, with emphasis on preciseness, and I work more on my serve and return.


Znak pitanjaWhat do you consider to be your biggest strength in tennis, and what would you change or improve in your game?

My biggest strength in tennis is my aggressive style of play and my dominant forehand. I think that all my shots could be improved.


Anđela Vidović, Prokuplje 2014 ETA


Znak pitanjaWho is your favorite female tennis player, and why?

My favorite female tennis player is Maria Sharapova, because she plays very hard and she never gives up her aggressive style of play. Beside her, I like Ana Ivanović, Victoria Azarenka and Eugenie Bouchard.


Znak pitanjaHow do you manage to coordinate your school classes and homework with your practices?

I manage to coordinate them thanks to good organizations and great friends at school who help me a lot when I miss classes due to tournaments. Also, my teachers are great and have understanding for my tennis.


Znak pitanjaDo you have enough time left for hanging out with your friends and/or for a hobby?

There’s always time for friends, but not much of it. With all the practices and school, I do not have much time left for other stuff.


Anđela Vidović


Znak pitanjaWhat are your plans for the coming season?

Next season I plan to play all the important U-14 tournaments in Serbia, from Serbian Tennis Association and ETA calendars, in order to achieve as high U-14 ranking in Serbia as possible. I also plan to play five ETA U-14 tournaments in the neighboring countries, which would make total of 15 tournaments.




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