Teodora Vujičić

Portrait of a little tennis player: Teodora Vujičić

Тeodora Vujičić (Playing for OTK Beograd / TK Crvena Zvezda, born in 2002) recently won Serbian Tennis Association’s U-12 Masters. At the end of last year, she also won Winter national U-12 championship – more than enough reasons for us to get to know her better:


Teodora Vujičić


Znak pitanjaWhat are your impressions after winning the Serbian Tennis Association’s U-12 Masters?

I am every satisfied with winning the Masters, because it is like a crown of my participation on U-12 tournaments.


Teodora Vujičić i Senka Deletić



Znak pitanjaAt the end of last year, you won Winter national U-12 championship played in Impuls Hall, and now you won the Masters in the same hall. Does this mean that you play especially well on hard courts?

I am an aggressive player, and hard courts suit me perfectly. On hard courts, balls I hit are even faster, and my opponents have harder time defending them.


Teodora Vujičić



Znak pitanjaWhen did you start practicing tennis and why did you choose an individual sport?

As a little girl, I was hyperactive, and my parents had to steer this energy into something.

When I was six years old, I started practicing tennis at TK Oaza. That was the sports court that was closest to my home, and that’s how I ended playing tennis. It also turned out that an individual sport is the best fit for my character, because I like to make decisons



Teodora Vujičić



Znak pitanjaCould you tell us more about your tennis club, your coach and your teammates?

I practice at TK Crvena Zvezda. The club provided excellent environment for my development, and I am very grateful to director Boba Vojinović for it. My individual coach is Dača Savić, and joint coaches are Pavel, Ćivi, Krle… My teammates are Iva, Jovana, Anja, Milica


Teodora Vujičić


Znak pitanjaWhat is your favorite shot in tennis and why?

Мy favorite shot is my serve, because I open point and gain advantage by it.


Teodora Vujičić




Znak pitanjaWhat do you consider to be your biggest strength in tennis, and what would you change or improve in your game?

Strong, aggressive game is my biggest strength. I have to improve moving.


Teodora Vujičić



Znak pitanjaHow much emphasis do you put on conditioning training?

Because of my numerous engagements, I do not have enough time for conditioning training.





Znak pitanjaWho is your favorite female tennis player, and why?

My favorite female tennis player is Serena Williams, because of the way she plays.


Teodora Vujičić



Znak pitanjaWhat are your plans for the coming season, will you play only in national, or also in international tournaments?

My plan for the next season is to get into top 5 U-14 players in Serbia. I think I can get there by playing in strong national and international tournaments.




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