Viktor Jović

Portrait of a little tennis player: Viktor Jović

Viktor Jović (playing for TK Victoria Belgrade, born in 2002) is one of the most promising young tennis players in Serbia.

He played in the finals of Serbian Tennis Association’s U-12 Masters one week ago, and in August this year, as a member of Serbian national team (along with Goran Životić and Uroš Jović), he won silver medal in Nations Challenge Cup in Alanya, an unofficial U-12 European team championship.

This autumn, he started competing against older boys, in U-14 category, and won three tournaments in a row: Belgrade Open in OTK Beograd, Vintage tournament in Vršac and SPENS Open in Novi Sad!



Viktor Jović

Meet one of the little tennis players that make Serbia not having to worry about its tennis future:


Znak pitanjaYou live both in Serbia and in United Arab Emirates. Is it difficult for you?

Around middle of this year, Belgrade became my home, and I go to Emirates occasionally. In previous years I traveled a lot, but now that I am in Serbia, things are much easier.


Viktor Jović


Znak pitanjaDo training methods and the entire organization of work differ in Serbia and in Dubai?

Except for extremely high temperatures in Dubai, there are no major differences. And, of course, in Serbia we mainly practice on clay, while in Dubai there are only hard courts.


Viktor Jović


Znak pitanjaCould you tell us more about your tennis club/academy, your coach and your teammates? Also, what are the players with which you hang out and practice when you are in Serbia?

I have private coach, Ladislav Kiš, who travels with me to tournaments. I am registered at TK Viktorija and I mainly practice with Goran Životić and some older players, and those practices are organized by my coach.


Viktor Jović
Viktor as a small tennis player



Znak pitanjaWhat do you consider to be your biggest success?

Winning Auray Super 12 in France and playing in the finals of European team championship.


Reprezentacija Srbije do 12 godina osvojila drugo mesto na nezvaničnom prvenstvu Evrope u Alanji


Znak pitanjaWhat is your favorite shot in tennis and why?

Forehand, I win most of my points with that shot.


Viktor Jović


Znak pitanjaWhat do you consider to be your biggest strength in tennis, and what would you change or improve in your game?

Creativity is my strength, and I wish I was more disciplined in my game.


Viktor Jović


Znak pitanjaDo you have any special rituals before tournaments?

Not for the time being.


Viktor Jović


Znak pitanjaWhat brand of rackets do you use?



Viktor Jović


Znak pitanjaWho is your favorite tennis player, and why?

Nole, because he is Serbian.


Viktor Jović


Znak pitanjaWhat are your goals in five, and what are your goals in ten years?

To win a junior Grand Slam tournament, and in ten years I would like to be in the top of ATP rankings, perhaps in the top 5.




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