Teniski trener Filip Spasojević, Serbia Tennis
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Филип Спасојевић (1987)

Место Рођења: Београд
Место: Београд
Образовање: College of Sports and Health in Belgrade, Serbia
Професија: Tennis coach
Лиценце: Graduated tennis coach
Година Отпочињања Каријере: 2004
Кратка биографија : QUALIFICATIONS As a junior Filip Spasojevic, practiced with Ana Ivanovic (former #1 WTA) for 6 yrs and helped in her professional development Played a number of junior matches with Novak Djokovic (former #1 in the world ATP) Sparing partner with Ana Ivanovic (former #1 WTA), Jelena Jankovic (former #1 WTA), Viktor Troicki (former #12 ATP), Ilija Bozoljac (former #101 ATP), Nina Stojanovic (best ranking #121 WTA), Teodora Mircic etc. In 2011 coached Jelena Lukic (National Team Member under 18) In 2012 coached Milica Panic (ETA U16 rank 27) Since 2010 – present, colaboration with Dragan Sherer (National junior coach) Since 2013 – present, colaboration with Dejan Vranes (National Fed Cup coach) Since 2013 – present, colaboration with coach Adrian Garcia (former 100 ATP player) In 2014 worked as coach of National Libyan tennis team (Tripoli, Libya) 2014 and 2015 worked as coach of Russian young players (Budva, Montenegro) In 2015 (July, August) worked as coach of Chinese young tennis players (Belgrade, Serbia)In 2015 (July, August) worked as coach of Chinese young tennis players (Belgrade, Serbia) In 2015 and 2016 worked as a head coach in DCTA tennis academy in China 2017 – works as a coach in serbiatennis.com coaching team PLAYING EXPERIENCE Filip Spasojevic held a professional ATP singles ranking for 2 years Played for junior and men’s team – Red Star tennis club in Belgrade – Winning numerous titles 2005 won 3th place in the National Chanpionship of Serbia and Montenegro for seniors 2008 and 2009 played the German league for TSV Westfalia 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 played the German league for TuS Sennelager 2014 played Serbian first league for TC Lokomotiva – Semifinal of the team championship
Видео: https://www.youtube.com/serbiatennis
Телефон: +381642546636
Е-пошта: office@serbiatennis.com
Вебсајт: https://www.serbiatennis.com

Филип Спасојевић

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