Luka Todorović

Portrait of a little tennis player: Luka Todorović

Luka Todorović (playing for OTK Beograd, born in 2002) won the Belgrade Tennis Associations U-12 Masters held in October at TK Banjica. Because of this, and because of his other great results this year, we decided to have a talk with this little tennis player:


Znak pitanjaWhat are your impressions after winning the Belgrade Tennis Association’s U-12 Masters?


It was great! I played against the best players from Belgrade and succeeded in winning the Masters. I did my best in the finals and won dominantly.

Luka Todorović 


Znak pitanjaCould you tell us something about your tennis club, your coach and your achievements so far?


For the past 4 years my coach has been Strahinja Jovanović, and all of my major achievements happened since he started coaching me. This Masters is the fifth tournament I won this year, and it is especially dear to me. I succeeded in being No. 1 in Belgrade Tennis Association’s rankings, and I played my last U-12 tournament in April this year.



Luka Todorović



Znak pitanjaWhy tennis, and not some team sport?


I like it when all the things on the court depend on me, without relying on others.


Luka Todorović


Znak pitanjaDo you manage to handle all your duties: sports, school, hanging with friends, and how do you do it?


For the time being, I manage to coordinate all my duties related to school and tennis. I don’t  have much free time, even on weekends because of tournaments.



Luka Todorović


Znak pitanjaWhat is your favorite shot in tennis and why?


Forehand. That is the shot with which I finish many points, and I make lots of winners with it.


Luka Todorović


Znak pitanjaWhat are your plans for the coming season?


My goal for the next year is to make it to the top 10 U-14 players on national level.



Znak pitanjaWhere do you see yourself in ten years?


In Wimbledon. As a player, of course!


Luka Todorović


Znak pitanjaWhat would you like to say to little tennis players who are just starting to practice?


I’d tell them that it is very difficult, and that they have to be ready to make many sacrifices. If they want to be successful, they have to give all they have in practice.

Luka Todorović



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